Sidechain trouble

Hi there,
Need little help with sidechain trouble lately.
I use cubase 13 pro. When im trying to duck my reverb sending vocal track by sidechain to the compresor on fx channel the vocal signal stays dry. But when i send vocal to fx channel without sidechain link to comp. the wet signal is there, and compresor is ducking fx signal as it should. Why signal stays dry when i use sidechain on compresor to link my vocal track to fx channel. Thank you

If I understand you correctly, you have two processes that require a tap from your vocal channel, the reverb and the compressor. The reverb typically gets its signal from a post fader send and the compressor from another post fader send (or via direct routing). The latter send is added automatically by Cubase if clicking Add Side-Chain Source in the Side Chain Routing of your compressor plug-in.

Yes, exactly. I often use fx signal compression via sidechain routing on the compressor and have never had a problem until now. I know that process well, so I’m sure I’m doing everything right. I tried to do the same thing in a completely new project but the same thing happens. When the sidechain routing on the compressor is turned on, the fx signal is either absent or terribly weak, regardless of the signal input, I boost it to max to trigger the reverb.

So I have Pro Q, Lx 480, and stainberg compressor as last on inserts in my fx channel chain. it seems that track signal (vocal) is hitting comp. but not through the fx plugin. The signal stays dry. On the other hand, when I send vocal directly to reverb channel without sidechain routing on compressor, everything works fine. im confused? :face_with_monocle:

Hmm. That doesn’t sound right.
As a test, have you tried building that same chain in a new, completely blank project?
I don’t have your Fabfilter plug-ins, so I can’t test with the exact same setup, but in general, side-chaining works as expected here.

Thank you for your assistance…,
Yes, i’ve tried the same in complitly new blank project and the problem stays the same. It looks like sidechain isn’t working as it should when used on my fx channel. And i’ve tried to use different fx plugins and compresors to exclude plugin issue but problem seems to be somwhere else. Realy don’t know where to look to solve this problem. Confused!

can you write down your whole signal path and setup of the channels?
where do you key the compressor to?

I will make a video and link it here so you can watch the whole path of the issue

here, I’ll try to explain the problem in a brand new blank project. I’m adding a video that I hope will help solve this problem and let me understand what needs to be done. Thank you for your help

I tried to explain in my first post that you need both sends enabled. The send feeding the reverb and the send feeding the compressor side-chain.

Here’s an example of how the routing should be done.

Thank you for your help

yeah what he said.
a side chain does not compress the signal, it gets info from the audio you key. but since you don’t send it to the reverb its dry.

you last example only compress the reverb.
so your first example is right if you also send it to the reverb.