SideChain with Cubase 10.5

I`m trying to do a simple ducking sidechain but something is wrong

From a simple project with only 2 mono tracks I insert 2 Stock steinberg Compressor, active sidechaine on both of them but I can only link the first track to the second track compressor. I get a greyout box on the second track compressor when I try to conect it to the 1th track compressor… see pic


My expectation is, you already have a send from Audio 02 track to the Side-Chain of Audio 01. Am I right? Could you expand the Send panel, to be able to see it, please?

Doing what you explain will create a loop, which is probably why it is not doable.

I have been doing that in Pro Tools with 0 problem for years !
I`m not sure about the loop thing if track 1 send to S.C. IN of the compressor of track 2 and track 2 send to S.C. IN of the compressor of track 1
Let say you wanna duck the bass at 60Hz when the kick hit but also wanna duck the kick at 80Hz + when the bass play how would you do it ?

Thanks for time

Fantastic! Use Pro Tools then.

I am.
Track 1 ducks track 2, which will then send the ducked Signal as sidechain Input to track 1, which will then again duck Signal 1, and send the ducked Signal to track 2 and so on. that should not be different in Pro Tools.

First of all: not with a Standard compressor!
-Duplicate both tracks
-send from duplicate bass track to original Drum track´s sidechain.
-send from duplicate drum track to original bass track´s sidechain


AS I said, my expectation is, you have already created this routing by using Send. What is in the Send there, please?

The sidechain send to compressor 1 on audio track 1

The this is exactly the same what you would do in the window, right?

No, in this case the window (would) show the sidechain routing from Audio track 1 to compressor 2 on Audio track 2.


I see, you want the cross side-chaining. Sorry I’m not strong in the routing, but this doesn’t sound healthy to me.

Done that way rather not (in my personal opinion).

Big thanks for your time, I`m on the road this week will get back next week. Thanks again

I decide myself which posts I answer and which not. I don’ t care if you put down Cubase or not, and I donˋt care why you ask what. You ˋre welcome anyway.
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I have to sy, this makes me really puzzled. How could this be done? Does Pro Tools send the dry signal (without the side-chain affection) from A to B as a control signal and at the same time dry signal (without the side-chain affection) from B to A as a control signal? Then there must be a delay (or Pro Tools must send the dry control signal ahead). Otherwise you would get a feedback: A signal controlled by B signal, which is controlled by A signal, which is controlled by B signal…

Do you have any technical background about this (just for my interest), please?

And what is your use case, please? Why is this cross-side-chain needed, please?

Sorry, I’m just interested in it.

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Not at the studio at the moment but I will post pic of Pro Tool rooting and explain the concept next week

So on this exemple I use Waves F6 to dock the Bass at around 60 Hz using external imput SC and to dock the kick at around 110 the same way

EZ no problem and since the sc input is only use as a triger so no feedback

So Again for people that know Cubase well can`it be done ?

This is not a deal breaker for me I LOVE Cubase and I`m sick of AVIDE

You can’t SC 60 hz only with a standard Cubase compressor, that compressor would SC the whole signal. You would need to use something like Fabfilter Q3 or other dynamic eq’s (I would assume this F6 also is an EQ from the picture)

a basic SC in Cubase 10 is set up like this:

this is a cool SC technique:

if you wanna SC certain freq I use Fabfilter Q3, I think this Waves F6 will do the same thing:

Big Thanks Glenn,

I will check that out for sure

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