Sidechain with Glue Compressor

i do apologize to be asking about sidechain compression in cubase artist 6.5.5 again, i have done a search, found tutorials, and nothing seems to match up what i see in my (legitimately purchased) version of cubase. i get the gist of what must be done with a 3rd party VST, but it’s just not coming together and i am resorting to appealing to the group for help, even if it results in some abuse.

setting up sidechain compression with the native cubase compressor is very easy. no issues there. obviously, when i tried to replicate that procedure with The Glue i did not have somewhere to send the kick drum (kick ducking bassline).

i can certainly find the option to add a group track, but once i do, there is no option present to make this a “quadro” channel, or i am missing it in a sub menu or something. i’ve right clicked on the track and don’t see any option to add it there. no option to ad a child bus (following the NI tuturial on adding it), etc. i have also followed the youtube tutorial via steinberg and no dice. these tutorials are what cytomic pointed me to.

i don’t know what i’m missing, but rather than try to peel through where i am going wrong, if anyone knows of any tutorials to add sidechain compression with The Glue that would be great, as i can’t seem to find anything specific… which is odd because i’m guessing there are many more cubase/blue users out there who want to achieve the same thing.

i feel stupid for asking, because i have searched here and have seen all the threads, but i just can’t get over what is likely some simpleton hump. thanks in advance for anyone who is willing to help.

The Glue = Ableton Live???

no, it’s a 3rd party compressor made by cytomic.

maybe it’s different with Cubase Artist? I have that rather than the full version.