I have a question about the sidechain. I did everything like in the video from Cubase:, but sidechain doesn’t work. I did sidechain in other DAWs, all is fine, but it doesn’t work in Cubase 10 Pro. Don’t understand why.

Any tips? Maybe its some kind of a bug after update from elements to Cubase Pro 10?


UPD: Works with ‘Fab Filter Pro C2’, but not with the native compressor.

Sidechain works, you must be doing something wrong :smiley: There are plenty of videos about sidechain.

I really don’t use normal sidechain anymore, but I only produce electronic music these days. My favorites are Xfer LFO Tool and Cableguys Shaperbox

Thanks! Anyway, the original compressor from Cubase doesn’t work for me, but if I use 3rd plugin compressors, everything works fine. LFO tool and shaperbox will not work in my case, because my beat is not straight forward (not every quarter note). I am now writing cinematic stuff.