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This might be a vanity question, but I like to put the date completed at the end of pieces running vertically along the staff on the last page. Is there a way to tilt a text in Dorico?

Lines can be rotated. You could create a “blank” line that has the date as text, then rotate it into position. Is this sort of what you are going for?


YES THAT IS IT. Can you get a little granular about how you did that?

Sure, in Write mode click the Lines tool, then the little edit pencil. In the window that opens, click the + in the bottom left corner to create a new line style. Give it a name like “date” if you want. In Body Style choose Blank, then in Annotation/Hyphenated Text type in the date. For font style, I just edited a font style that I never use, in this case Fingering Horn Branch Accidental Font, to be the correct font and size, but you can pick any font style you want. At this point it should look something like this:

Hit Ok, input the line into your score, then switch to Engrave and move it into place. The handles can be moved independently so rotate and move it however you want.

(It’s possible I created the Blank line style, I can’t remember if that’s a default or not. If that’s not default just click the Line Body Editor and create a line style with a width of 0.)

For sure that’s a good workaround and I use it too quite often. But let’s be honest, it’s still a workaround, as long as the capabilities of text and system text are so limited,

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I love a workable workaround though!

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You may have lost me with the Body Style Blank bit. I’ve attached what comes up for me.

Click the Line Body Editor and create a 0 width line then. I guess I had made one called “Blank” and saved it at some point.