sign for end of quote

If you look at the picture, you can find two hooks, one above and one below the staff. These hooks are showing the end of hymn-quotes. Does anyone have a recommendation in which font I can find these kind hooks, so that I can add them as Text into my score?

What about the start / end of voice symbols in the analytics section of Bravura?

Creating a font with these symbols would be a matter of minutes. I might be able to do this later if you want me to.

Thanks Florian! Unfortunately, there are only signs for above the staff and I also need the sign below the staff (see picture). As far as I know, there is no possibility to flip or rotate Text in Dorico at the moment. Any further suggestions?

Try this one. I mapped the hooks above the staff to left and right bracket, below the staff to left and right parenthesis. It should be good at 20 pt. (949 Bytes)

Hi Florian, sorry for responding so late. It was just before christmas and I was very busy. Some time ago I had the chance to try your quotes and they work very well. Thanks a lot!