Signal generator - which Cubase version or part thereof


Some help please. I have Cubase Pro 10.5.30 on my main system, but I need to generate some very low frequency test tones from a laptop. I installed Cubase Elements 9.5 with minimal extras expecting that it would be in the core of the program, but it isn’t.

I could download 25 or so gbytes of the Pro software, but the Elements version at 5g bytes is more handy.

Specifically these are my questions:

Is the test generator included as one of the options in Elements?
if not what is the “lightest” version of Cubase that does include it?

Many thank P

Wvat is “one of the options in Elements”…?
Open the plugin pdf manual, and read up yourself… dead simple.

By the options, I mean the VST packages that are options whilst installing Cubase. The plug in reference doesn’t help, but of course, you’d know that.

On a second and more careful search, the features list at Stenberg does indeed contain the answer I need, but it was well buried.

@Svennilenni. I am immune to your acid tongue, so you can save it for someone else mate.

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They are no options which plugin FX to install

The PDF clearly answers your question - only if you read it though… but of course you know that. :unamused: