Signature - how to get the correct division

Hi. It maybe simple but I have a song with 6 divides per bar when it should be 8 divides. I can’t see how to do it. Ive googled but nothing fits.

I’m not positive but are you talking about beats per bar? If you are, it sounds like a time signature thing. Your time signature might be in 3/4 or 6/8. Change it to 4/4. Hope this helps.

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Lots of times folks inadvertently have their Ruler/Timeline set to Minutes & Seconds rather than Bars & Beats.

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Many thanks Albert. Yes I’m sure that’s what it is ok only i don’t know where to fix it.

Many thanks raino. It’s definitely in bars and beats.

If you look at the Cubase Transport, either on the Toolbar in the Project Window, or on the floating Transport Panel you should see the Time Signature. Change that. Sorry not at Cubase to post pic.

If that doesn’t work perhaps a screenshot or two would be useful, so we can see what you are seeing.

Hi raino and many thanks for responding. I forgot to mention I created the piece in 24/16 time signature which creates four divisions of six subdivisions. But I need the beat tempo to have four subdivisions rather than six as otherwise it’s difficult to plot the beat as for eg the snare falls on 1½ bars. Eg if the kick falls on 0, I need the snare to fall on either 1 or 2 instead of 1½. I’ve tried experimenting with the time signature but it only accepts divisions of four on the right. If I choose 4/4 the snare still falls on 1½. For the beat I probably need to be able to insert a multiple of 3 on the right which cubase will not allow. Does that make any sense?

Change the input quantise to a dotted value?

(The sig is 24/16.)

Many thanks googly that’s done it. I can now plot the drum rhythm perfectly. By the way might you k ow if there’s a way of dividing the dotted subdivisions by three? Like having your cake and eating it​:thinking::slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, not that I know of. Maybe try using 12/8 or 6/4 instead, Cubase may offer more dotted options that fit. I’ve heard a good few film score composers use 12/8 a lot. But I’m just guessing here.
PS If you could mark it as a solution it would boost my kudos, not to mention my ego!

Done. I’d have marked solution for many other problem solvers here only I didn’t know how it worked. Life’s a learning curve at any age. And many thank yous for your valuable time and effort.

Btw I’m just wondering if I tried adding an amount of swing to the grid?

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I’m not sure if that would work - I’ve never used swing in Cubase (since 1993!).
Also, I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to have triplets with dotted notes.
This is why I stick mostly to 4/4 - so much easier to achieve these things. And not just because I’m lazy!

However one should never discount the value of being lazy

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Here’s to :beer: :beer: laziness

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