Signature track, odd rhythms.

Hi Folks,

In my latest song, which has 1/8 triplet feel, I need to cut a bar short, by one 1/8 triplet. It’s what the song demands.

Now with a 1/8 triplet, there are 12 intervals per 4/4 bar.

What I want it to set the length of one bar to be 11/12.

I’ve tried all the editors and the denominators are all fractions of two: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 etc.

How can I define at 12 denominator?


Did you try to set it to 1/8 Triplet?

Mmmm, now how would I do that?

4 sets of triplets in a bar would be described as 12/8
the shortened bar would be 11/8

Where you select your grid/snap to grid. I think it is called quantize preset or something like that.

Yes ‘ian s’ you are quite right, except I am using eighth triplets not eights.

As an experiment, I changed the signature to 12/8 and indeed 11/8 was available, however, this requires me to edit the drum and bass parts as the notes are the wrong length. The tempo also needs to be changed from 110 bpm to 165 bpm to resynchronise my audio tracks. Very interesting.

I just find it ‘odd’ (pun intended) that you can’t select a 1/8T as a signature base.

It’s illogical is why. There is no such thing as a 12th note, though the concept can exist, it’s simply not necessary.

You have the idea already, but there’s a quick way to deal with this- check out:

Because */*T is not a time signature! The way in which notation works is that */4 or */2 denotes (ouch!) a duple pulse base and */8 denotes a triple pulse base. The 8 as the denominator in the time signature has nothing to do with 8th notes - it indicates triplet pulse. Unfortunately the way you’ve transcribed your parts would appear to be, in musical notation terms, grammatically incorrect even though mathematically the structure you have used adds up. if you have a part with a predominantly triple pulse, adopting a */8 time signature from the start will avoid you having to re-edit the parts.

Meanwhile, the thread that Steve quotes above has detailed info on to get your current piece into the right time signature/ tempo framework