Significant issue in the Project Page with automation lines

If you accidentally hit one of the automation lines on a Group or AUX or Instrument track in the project window (volume, pan, etc.) that’s NOT automation-enabled and has no automation on it yet, then it puts a node at that point and snaps to a new value, which is normal behavior. However, the problem in this particular situation is that you canNOT undo that and have no idea where the original value was – you can’t go over and undo it in the mixer either…your original value is gone. Hitting those faint grey lines can happen easily by accident in complex projects, and it should be able to be undone completely when it does.


Click anywhere on a Group or Aux or Instrument volume/pan/send/etc. automation line in the project window that does NOT have any automation and is not automation enabled, and drag to a new value. You will see that when you undo, the node goes away but the line stays at the new value, and there’s no way to recall where it was. This is a very major workflow killer when it happens, for very obvious reasons…and it’s VERY easy to do in even semi-complicated sessions.

This needs to be fixed – it’s a very major hindrance when it happens, which can be often. The session stops when you need to figure out the exact level that you had something had due to this issue, which in a mix is crucial info to lose completely.

I’m surprised I’m not getting more responses to this – it’s a very major bug that is often very harmful to one’s mix. I’ve reported to Steinberg but would be good to get more support here to bring it further to their attention. It’s killing me on a regular basis.

Yeah the fact that I couldn’t undo that has totally messed me up in a few mix sessions with a really picky client. I’ve been just hiding tracks with no data all the time I’m working now in fear of accidentally doing that. When it did happen, I just recalled a backup and was able to check the level so the information wasn’t totally lost, but that’s a really costly ctr-z workaround. Not to mention if you mess up and don’t notice for a bit. Definitely needs to be fixed!

This is not a bug, in the sense of bug=broken, but I understand what you’re saying. Why don’t you lock the tracks? Or, make an FR.

I had this issue too. But I kinda was able to redo it in the mixer. Locking is an idea. Does it affect volume fader?
Another workaround if switching to Mute from Volume

Automation in Cubase is wrecked, my issue complements yours

This still persists in 9.0.30. Was this added to the bug tracker?

Undo not restoring the original state is a bug, not an unimplemented feature. Undo is supposed to restore the previous state and does so in other cases. The action of changing the value is not recorded in the undo buffer like it should be. Undo here does not work. Does not work = broken = bug.

+1, I agree with your wording, I’m not sure what characteristics of a bug this problem doesn’t have. This has happened to me also, it is one of those things that adds a low-level but omnipresent anxiety to using Cubase (but much improved since mixer undo was introduced, #OMG)!

“Why don’t you lock the tracks?”. As in every track locked at all times except when it’s being worked on?

I would describe it thus:
After adding an automation point in an automation lane without previous automation points, undo doesn’t restore the original value of the parameter.

Anyway, as you know, they no longer list bug status in the forums.

I define “bug” as: a programming error that causes an unexpected result. This is a missing feature, one glaringly so for people with workflows like yours.

I define “bug” as: a programming error that causes an unexpected result.

Expected result: Undo restores previous state.
Actual, unexpected result: Undo only partially restores previous state, making the change permanent.

Even by your own definitions I don’t see what you’re getting at, but I’ll drop it.

It’s just semantics. A missing feature can cause the same or worse problems as an actual bug, and the devs are doing a balancing act depending on the needs of the various departments.

For people who live where SB has direct support, I think it’s a good idea to send engineer-speak emails to SB either in a support ticket or via their info at sb dot de email:

After adding an automation point in an automation lane without previous automation points, undo doesn’t restore the original value of the parameter.

imo, keeping it real short makes it more likely someone will read and forward it etc.

I can do this unless OP or someone else wants to do it instead.

Why not both, or anyone who is bothered by this?