Signpost text not showing


My signposts are empty: the text inside them does not show. The first is supposed to be C Major key signature and the other one is a system break.

Here’s the project file:
Choro lento.dorico (565.8 KB)

It shows for me. Did you try to restart you Computer?

It doesn’t help. The signposts visualize correctly on my other PC, though.

did you try to reinstall Dorico?

Yes, actually. Nothing changed.

then I am out of guesses, I am sorry. Surely a diagnostics file might be helpful, but I am just spitballing here…

When I open your file on my Mac, the signpost text displays correctly.
If it displays correctly on your other PC but not on the first one, that indicates that the cause of the odd behaviour is something on the first PC. It sounds like it is font-related. Possibly a font that is not installed or has become corrupted. In the various menu items under Library in Engrave mode (Music Fonts… , Font Styles… , Paragraph Styles… , Character Styles… ), I could not find anything which might indicate which font is used for signpost text. The Dorico development team would, of course, know which font is used, and hopefully will be able to point you in the right direction to fix the issue.

Edit (after some experimenting with fonts):
The font used for signposts matches extremely closely with Noto Sans JP Bold (which I have on my Mac - I don’t know if it was installed with any particular application, but it is a Google font).

Signposts are drawn using the Source Sans Pro font, which Dorico includes but does not install at the system level. Check whether you have that font located in your Windows Fonts folder on the troublesome machine?

Thanks everyone for helping, the problem is solved.

I indeed had another version of the “Source Sans Pro” font installed system-wide. I uninstalled it and now the signposts display correctly.

The problem will still persist for people who want to use this particular font in other programs (it is an Adobe font if I am not wrong).