Signposts showing/hiding unexpectedly

My understanding from the online manual is that signposts display when an item in the score is NOT visible, like a hidden meter change.

I have a piece that changes key signature twice. The first key change (from C to Ab), no signpost displays. But when I change back to C major, that DOES produce a signpost.

I’m just curious as to why one is shown, but the other is not. Is this a bug, or a particular distinction I’m missing?

Just thinking out loud… when I made the first key change, I first grabbed the notes and transposed them down a third, then added the key signature. When I made the second key change, I didn’t do that. Not sure if that’s significant.

Is the key signature itself showing? If so, then no signpost will appear, but of course for a C major key signature there are no accidentals to appear, so only the signpost can appear.

I suspect you did not define C major at the start of the score… If you do, the signpost will appear at the beginning of the score too.

Well, the naturals are displaying to cancel out the Ab signature before it. So changing to C doesn’t seem to be to be an “invisible” key change.

Marc - you’re correct that I didn’t specify C at the beginning. That DOES create a signpost at the beginning, but still no signpost at the keychange to Ab.

It would be an invisible key change if the engraving option for cancellation naturals were not shown, and Dorico uses the number of accidentals in the key signature itself rather than cancellation naturals to determine whether or not to show a signpost.

Dan, this is expected behaviour.