silence & power


In my search for the perfect noise-free pc i’ve tried a lot of more or less good solutions, if you’re in a big studio, well, you can hide your rackmounts of pcs somewhere else in the building…but,

If you’re like me, a composer, who’s sometimes on the go, sometimes recording, often playing on a stage…

That you got rid of your big rig (hammond c3, kawai ex concert grand (which i never had, but the grand original is…), a fender rhodes, a arp solina and some other polysix(es)), you often rely on your laptop to do all the workhorse of playing with low latency etc.etc…AND HERE COMES THE FAN NIGHTMARE …

Or like me at some point you want to record your best girl friend voice with a condenser mic, and don’t have any insulation boot…


In my quest i’ve tried several combinations, and i always endend up with a “big-fatty-anny” as my best VSTi player friend, a serious tower that weighed several extra pounds…another Fatty-Anny

For my new year gift, my girlfriend (well, i’m a musician after all, and she’s wealthy)…offered (actually offered is euphemism) me to get rid of all this messing around (i mean all pcs and cases and laptops) by offering me something small and yet lethally powerful: " find whatever you want but get rid of all of these monsters"…She told me after i’ve downloaded the Korg Polysix plugin…that she paid…(well more or less)

She already had told me the same thing 16 years ago about my c3…and i knew she was serious about it.

After googling i’ve found a lot of solutions but still there was a trade, always a compromise: the big powerfull fatty-anny and the underpowered, small form factor amazon mtx (i don’t renmember the name)…, no fan, but still no fun there.

Til i found that:

But for almost 2000cad i’d like to hear about it before i (my wife) buy something that seems really powerful but yet really small.

Is there someone in here who has ever used VSTis with that kind of gear ?

These hardware seem like powerful silent and small as well, but i can’t figure out a place where i could even see one.

I’d like to have an opinion…especially from someone who already own one would be more than welcome.

Best new year wishes everyone …