Silence when cutting a clip on a Track with ARA extension on it

I get silence when I cut a clip on a track with track extension enabled.
create Track
add audio to track
enable track extension (spectral layers)
Playback Audio → audio can be heard
add edit to audio (cut) → silence, clips can not be heard
add more edits or play around with clip gain → unpredictable results, some clips play back, some not.
If I save and re-open the project, the clips play back as they should.

In addition to the confirmed and still unfixed problem with ARA2 on single clips:
ARA2 Bug, clip gain calculated twice when using crossfade

Can anyone confirm please?
I can reproduce on two different Systems.


Can confirm the described behaviour with Spectra Layer and Melodyne 5.2 Studio. Very strange

Yeah, that’s an ARA problem.
Very annoying.


Thank you both for confirming, at least I do not have to search at my end… :crazy_face: