Silk on Line inputs for input 1-4?

I know the silk circuit can only be applied to the 1-4 inputs (not on the rear inputs) but can an owner confirm if silk can be applied to both mic level signal and line level signal on these inputs? Ie: does switching 1-4 to line level input bypass the preamp and therefore the silk circuit?
Thanks in advance

Hello, you cannot apply silk to input channels only to channels that are preamped.

I believe silk can be applied to both mic and line level sources on channels 1-4.

On the Steinberg AXR4 page - they mention a potential use case in the mastering studio section. ie.

“In addition, by feeding the audio signal to the front inputs, it can also be processed with the onboard SILK emulation, bringing the legendary sound of Rupert Neve Designs to every audio master.”

Obviously in such a scenario, I’d assume that would imply line level signals being fed into the front channels.

I have the AXR4T and have only tried using instrument level signals into the HiZ inputs (channels 1 & 2). Silk works fine here. Haven’t tried line level signals through 1-4, but I assume that would also work.