Silly chord problem

I’m sure this is simple but…

I have dozens of flows. I want chord symbols for an instrument for one flow only.

How do I easily achieve this?

I don’t think it is all that simple, alas. I think what I would probably do is have two identically-named players, one set to show chord symbols and the other not, and have each player appear in the appropriate flows, so that only one of them is attached to each flow, then have a part layout that contains both players.

Will this change in the future to be a able to select a range of bars and select for chords to appear?
I’d also like this for multi-measure rests which are quite awkward to get in some places and not in others.

We probably will not have a feature to select a bunch of bars and turn them into a multi-bar rest, but we probably will have something approaching the converse thing, namely the ability to split a multi-bar rest at a particular barline.

And for chords?

I agree that we need a better way of making it possible to show chord symbols for a passage, but I’m not yet sure what form that should take.

Daniel, it is weird workflow to have to select multibar rests as an option for a layout but then to break them. I usually work from the front with these putting them in where I’m sure nothing will need to go (often left open for pencilling in a session). I’m then also dealing with the layout from the start to the end.

We don’t have any plans to introduce a means of forcing bars to be a multi-bar rest at the moment. (Apologies if I’m repeating myself, but… I am repeating myself.) Your feelings on the matter are duly noted!

I appreciate you taking the time to read and reply even when I’m going over the same stuff…

I think that a more precise way of turning chord symbols on and off is needed, anyway in all the music that I arrange. Very often I need to indicate that a reed player shall play a solo over some chords, and until now the only official way is to turn on chord symbols in the setup, and then select all the chord symbols you don’t want and hide them! Imagine if you have 25 flows like me!! ;-( At least create a simple way of selecting symbols over a range of flows, that would help.

This is one of those things where Dorico has taken a completely different path to other software. Most of these paths are brilliant, some are a great idea that needs honing, this one with chords is inflexible and awkward. Doing something to everything that then has to be overridden except where you want it is still a strange concept to me.
I actually quite like the idea that there is a chord track that I can paint onto a part, but this should work that way round, and also allow for different chords in different parts.