Silly question! Can't see the new reverb impulses? [Solved!]

OK … I’ll bite! :blush:
Where are the new impulses for REVerence?

See my last post.

In the presets list. The don’t look new as text but reveal nice pictures when loaded, we all like nice pictures, don’t we? :wink:

They dont seem to be listed as new anywhere I can find, but checking the presets there are some new from some classic vintage reverbs like the Great British Spring and Ursa Major Space Station.
As marQs said above, you have to check the pictures in REVerence to see what model of vintage reverb it is.
And the names of preset gives a clue also.

OK haha! I was leaning in that direction if nobody knew, so … here we go! Thanks. good points! Steinberg, BOOOH! :smiley:

I found them! :astonished:
I tried to run the Cubase installer again to see the list of what’s going to be installed.
Everything was installed … but not “Components”.
Hmmmm. Now when I see it I remember something happened during the original installation …
So I ran the installer and lo and behold, in the corner of my eye a little glimpse of “vintage” something danced by!!!
If I check the MediaBay they’re now listed under Family Names as “Vintage Verb Collection”! :sunglasses: