Silly question: how do I set up a sidechain?

Hi everyone,

I’ve just downloaded the app and was trying to sidechain my bass to a drum track. I’ve activated the sidechain on the noise gate on the bass but can’t work out how to send a signal from the drums to trigger?

Please put me out of my misery!!!


Hi Paul,

Side chaining usually means that another track is used as an additional input to influence the signal output of a compressor or a gate. The Channel Strip Noise Gate’s side chain however does not take another track’s signal, but it applies a filter to the track (or bus) it’s sitting on and uses this as the side chain’s input. In short, it copies its input, filters it, and uses this signal as the side chain, instead of another track. Proper side chaining where another track can be selected as input, is on the list of future updates.