Silly question - How do I upgrade to 9.5 version?

Hello everyone! This seems like a stupid question, but for the life of me, I cannot figure it out. I use Cubase 9 and I want to buy an upgrade to 9.5. But since Cubase 10 was just released today, I can’t find the option to upgrade to 9.5 anywhere on Steinberg’s site. Even when I find the 9.5 product somewhere in the menu, as soon as I open it, it just goes to the new C10 product page. I am not interested in upgrading to Cubase 10 at this very moment, as I am still using El Capitan, which is not on C10’s compatibility list, and because I am looking to switch to a new Mac soon.

Someone help me out? Much appreciated. Thanks!

You can’t unless you can find a 3rd party retailer still selling it (but they will probably charge the same as a C10 upgrade because it effectively is a C10 upgrade with the grade period). You can upgrade to C10 though and Run C9.5 with the license.

Wouldn’t that be funny though if they let people buy an update to 9.5 for $60 or whatever it was and get a grace period update to C10?

Well I get that, but what happens to the rest of us who are not looking to update to C10? They literally just upped the price of a 9-to-9.5 upgrade for an additional 100 euros. That sucks.

But then again, this is my first time upgrading Cubase, so I didn’t know this is how it works.

You don´t have to - you can stick to what you already have.