Simon Phillips and Dynamic Range

Hi, just wondering. doing test with init program, no effects on, playing notes from VEL 1 up to 128 gives a dynamic range from:

-29dB -> -1dB

Effectivly 28 dB.

Is there a way to set more… I think the ghost notes are becomming to loud. (No I don’t want to use expander :slight_smile:

Is the dynamics of GA default set to 28 dB ???

Hi Helge,

The ghost notes in the grooves are as loud as Simon recorded them. We didn’t change anything or limit anything to a certain range.

But you can always export the styles to Cubase and then lower the velocity individually for each hit in the drum editor.

Hi Matthias, I’m not talking about the ghost notes in SP grooves. I do the programming of grooves myself (I’m a drummer) and therefore I would like to use more dynamics…

Setting velocity from 1 to 127 only gives 28dB of dynamics…

The lowest should be much lower ?

I don’t have this expansion yet but acoustic kit presets in GA4 and the Songwriter’s expansion are also mixer presets with some effects set up when you load them. Take a little look at the mixer section, or bypass all effects using one of the buttons at the top right corner of the VST.

If you’re still not satisfied with the dynamic range, try routing the snare to a dynamic expander.

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