Simon Phillips Library with Groove Agent 4 SE ?

Hello, i’m interested by this library A LOT.

unfortunatly, without any trial, difficult to tell if it will be as good as i expect from it.
last library featuring simon phillips was by best service and it was not very good !
i unfortunatly bought the loop loft SP loop library few days before the release of the steinberg one :frowning:.

my main issue is, if i cross the path to buy it, as i have Groove agent SE in Cubase 8 Pro only, will i loose lot of features ? which ones ?

can’t update to Groove agent 4 to use only one library… and anyway, i don’t and never used it ! i’m using other drums software, so i’ll use it only for the simon phillips one.
if i must buy the whole Groove agent 4 VST instrument to have access to the features of the library, well, the price is then, completly different :frowning: .

so any comment about the library, quality, and what i’ll loose by using it with GA 4 SE would be very welcome !
Are the groove well recorded ? (don’t know if it has been done with a V drums or with Midi trigger on SP real kit).

i would like to know as well if the kit feature any mix (from simon ??) or if the kit is loaded with no mix at all and we must mix it ourselves ?

with the GA SE version will i loose any number of grooves as well ?

Thanks !


You can use it with SE version. The features are the same so you don’t need GA full version.

If you watch Club Cubase hangout, Greg was talking about this library starting about 20 minutes into the video.

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ho, thank you very much !!!

you can demo it, just download it and instal as demo

the simon one ? i didn’t know that ! or Groove Agent 4 ?

You were right ! i installed the simon phillips library and there was a trial ! thank you !

but i don’t know what is missing from the trial. i noticed that there were not all the grooves in pattern mode, and i don’t know if it’s a limit from the trial or from Groove Agent 4 SE.

anybody can confirm please ?

as well, is this trial limited in time ? like 30 days ? i saw nothing about that anywhere.

Thanks !!

30 day trial no limit, exept perhaps save your own presets (but I’m not sure) and you have “double” patterns, like other expentions Kits I think, one for Groove Agent SE and one for the Groove Agent.

well, from what i see, there are lot of stuff missing in the grooves i’m afraid if we have only SE. 16 grooves available … :frowning: … with 2 intro , 2 ending, 4 fills, and 8 grooves.

so if we have Groove agent, there are 32 patterns, not 16…

it’s pretty unfortunate that to have all the grooves, we’re forced to buy groove agent complete edition, even if we buy the expension at full price … i didn’t see this written anywhere on the library page.

because of that, i can’t buy it actually , paying so much for one library (i have absolutly no use of groove agent, i use an another drum library) …

very unfortunate …

the sound kick ass, i’m a fan of toto and simon phillips and the Midi Grooves (for me it’s the more important as, with audio groove unfortunatly we can’t change anything, even with a multi track library) and the sampling is very very very good ! i’m very impressed and unfortunatly a bit sad ! 250 euros for one drum kit :frowning:

Hi all,

All of the Simon Phillips grooves are available in Groove Agent SE as well with the Style Player. The only difference is in the initial mapping on the pattern pads. Since the SE version is limited to 16 pattern pads you can only have 16 patterns mapped at the same time. But all of the intros and fills can be loaded on one of the 16 pattern pads.

hoo ok, thank you, so the missing ones that i don’t see when i do a “load kit with pattern”, are available in the list of grooves, ok, i will check that for the missing pattern, thank you !! :slight_smile: !