Simon Phillips often get phasing sound

Hi I download the demo of Simon Phillips and try it is groove agent 5 se cubase 11, but I often get phasing when I repeat the same note like snare or bass drum.

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hi Dup

this is a user forum - in general, SB staff don’t often post here, especially true if they have to respond to criticism.

My own opinion is that the GA drum expansion packs are pretty limited when compared to the competition…both in sound and in features.

can you post a sound sniplette of what it sounds like?

A sound snippet would be very helpful here. What your describing is very vague and sounds highly subjective.

It’s sound between phase and flanger . when you play several notes of the same element: bass drum or snare for example.
you can here this kind of effect here(but here the effect is desired!)

Hi, i am demoing the SP Jazz expansion. Which setting/pattern are you trying out exactly.

I also feel like I am hearing something odd but I can’t tell if it’s the genre and style. I don’t really own any jazz kits before.