Simon Phillips Studio Drums, weirdest styles

I have bought the Simon Phillips Studio drums recently, but it is a big disappointment. I mainly bought it for the styles/patterns, but when I drag and drop the patterns in Cubase it is completly different than the pattern played in GA. I can see in the notes that it is using part of the fills in the patterns.
what Am I doing wrong? is this because I am using GA se?

I am new to this forum, this is my first post, hello everybody :smiley:


I have Groove Agent 5 and Simon Phillips Studio Drums. When I drag a pattern in Cubase, itโ€™s exactly the same as in GASE.

I suggest selecting the โ€˜Omniโ€™ button at the bottom of the Pattern Pads to prevent FX patterns from activating due to matching MIDI notes that may exist in the MIDI pattern.

This should help.

Thanks :smile: