Simple auth. In 2 pc

Hi everyone does anyone know on how many computers I can install “Simply” synthesizer for halionsonic? on the sb site it is not specified …

Install is always possible on many systems, the use is bound to the license.
You will get one license to use it, and if you install it on the USB eLicenser it should be possible to use it on all systems where installed if you plug in the USB eLicenser.

There is a new licensing system coming, but it will take some time for the instruments to get moved to the new system.

Thank you for your answer. since the USB dongle or the elicenser is not mentioned in the web page, I thought it used the new licensing system. my question of how many stations can be activated remains, because for example Dorico 4 (and cubase 12 when it comes out) give the possibility to be running on three different computers

Simple is not a new instrument, it’s not available with the new licensing yet, at least as far I know…