Simple bounce/render multiple files into one

Common use case is receiving 2 mono tracks from a client that simply need to be panned hard L/R, exported without any inserts/sends, and reimported as a single ST file.

Bounce and Render functions create separate files for each selected clip/track–no good

Export Audio is overkill but is the only way I know of to combine multiple files into one.

For PC there is an app named Cleaver that does this, but that’s a separate app…

I have tried creating macros to no avail.

Why is “export audio” “overkill”? Not long ago that was the only way to render anything!

Not trying to be a jerk here, but sometimes people’s struggles are laughable.

In Right click/Render Inplace/Render Settings; there is an option for ‘‘Mixdown’’ down at the ‘‘File Path’’ menu which consolidates all selected regions in to one file and puts on a new track.

Project>Convert Tracks>Mono to Multi-Channel…

Merging Mono Audio Tracks to Multi-Channel Tracks

Sweet. Great time savers. Thank you both