Simple editing question please?

Cubase 5 , cubase 6 coming on monday,
Say I have a guitar track #1 , but on a diferent track # 2 , I just cut a 2 second piece and want to cltrl drag to constrain horizontal movement but just drag it to the guitar track #1 to rplace what is there with the new 2 second piece…
My little 2 second piece always jumps behind the track where I drug it to.

In my prefences I do not have delete overlaps checked as I do not want them deleted.
I also never use track lanes . I just want draging to land on top , not under

I searched the operation manual for “top” “drag” etc but can’t find the answer ?

You could always right-click (or Ctrl+right-click) on the clip that is (wrongly) In Front, and use the Context Menu to send it to the back.

It’s not quite that simple. You have cross fade issues to deal with. You really do need to make a cut. Copy the section into the cut. Crossfade. Then move and size.