Simple Editing

Hi Everyone,
I am really struggling with some simple editing functions of Cubase. I am very slow when it comes to learning any kind of software.
Could anyone tell me how to just import 2 or three prerecorded WAV files and crop them and put them ontop of eachother and save it as one new WAV file?
Right now I am just having trouble doing anything, I’d hate to admit.
Thank you so much!

Hi and welcome,

File > Import > Audio File. Select all (2 or 3) files in the window, and open. Cubase will ask you, if you want to place them to one track, or separated tracks. If you want to mix them together, use separated tracks. If you want to place the one after each other, use one track.

To cut the events, use Split (scissors) tool, or drag and drop by using the square in the bottom corners of the events.

Set Left and Right Locators, File > Export > Audio Mixdown.