Simple Feature Request: Show in Finder

Would be so useful to have a ‘Show In Finder’ menu item for files in the pool. Trying to pinpoint recorded files on your hard drive can be tedious! Every other program I use on Mac has this, but not Cubase.

That’s all :slight_smile:


Hello guys,

Yes, I am missing that feature too. We logged the request into the feature backlog! :mrgreen:

Same goes for “Find in Exploder”?

Hello Steve,
To fuel some contemplation here, why do you want to locate the files on your hard drive with a “Show in Finder” function in the pool? Could you exactly explain your workflow and you intention more specific?
What exactly are you doing and working on when you start to desire this function?

Just to note:
You can see the “Path” of the files in the pool if you blend in the “View / Attribute” “Path”.
So you can manually navigate to that path.
You can also use the file search function of your OS to locate and find the file as well.

The “prepare archive” function will copy all the files in the pool to your prject working directory so you gather the files and accumulate them in one specific folder.

Trying to pinpoint recorded files on your hard drive can be tedious! Every other program I use on Mac has this, but not Cubase.

Files that you record in the project end up in the “Audio” folder of the respective project folder.
If you right-click a file in the MediaBay you will be able to select “open in finder/explorer”.



That’s great- a request for this type of discussion!

I’m not the same Steve as the OP but I do want to have this function available. I think Reveal in Finder is a function that should be present in any app that manipulates files as it’s main duty. (for Windows replace ‘Finder’ with ‘Exploder’ and spotlight with search :slight_smile: ) Also, I wish for some added functionality for mediabay, and more integration between the pool and Mediabay.

Example of my use:

I record some live performance, and later I might transcribe it in Cubase score edit in a different, already started project. I don’t want to duplicate the file, and later I might want to perform some other function on it, like send it to someone, or maybe copy/save it in a compilation with some other files, Reveal in Finder would be handy. I would like to see the way files are dealt with evolve in a general way too. Now, it’s kind of a headache, not just in Cubase but in the other DAWs I have spent time on.

If there was one-click access to the file in Medaibay, that would be good. Having Reveal in Finder available in mediabay but having to manually search for the file in there limits the usefulness, unless you are already in Mediabay.

I would like Mediabay to (additionally) work like this (but if it already does tell me): The database would also record what projects are using a particular file, and an entry in a Mediabay field with the filename and last known location of those projects. Then, Cubase could warn me when I try to edit a file in another project.

Seeing the file path in the pool is good, but would be more useful if I could actually copy it. As it is now if you hit copy in the pool with an audio file selected what ends up in the clipboard is an xml entry. Not being a computer program myself I would prefer not to parse that. :mrgreen:


There are many occasions when it would be useful to ‘reveal in finder’. Let’s say I want to share a recorded file in the project with someone. Sure I can manually navigate to that file (that’s what I’ve been doing for years) but that’s potentially 8+ clicks away! A simple ‘reveal in finder’ in the pool would take me right there.

This is also useful should I need to drop a sample into a plug-in, say Battery or Kontakt, that’s being used in the project.

I realise Media Bay has this already, but it’s files in the Pool that I’m interested in.



That would be a great feature to have on Mac as well as Windows. True, most of the files will end up in the audio folder within the project folder, but I know I have made mistakes before with importing something, and not adding it to the current project (loosely described). To locate a file in either OS would be very helpful.


My own projects are too simple to need this. I hope this fact does not devalue my opinion too much:

The developers of Cubase 1 for ATARI were aware of a great principle: The manual, in its pioneering spirit, was ecstatic in repeating the following instruction “this program is intuitive - click for something the way you guess it ought to be and you’ll be likely to be right.” Those are not the exact words but that was the message. And magnificently - they were right! This principle applied today would include adding the choice of maximum integration with the OS way of working. Atari was early days of … everything. These days, our guesses formed from many years of working with Windows and Mac OS.

Why can work flow be enhanced if a program INCLUDES the choice to match what can be found in the containing operating system? Because
1: Our guesses and mouse-reaction reactions are already ‘in the muscle’ - ready for action even before opening the program.
2: As a user, we already have our individual need-to-know criteria as part of our general PERSONAL style of relating with whatever information we process. EG my own computer use in music, photography and text is characterized by the question “What ELSE did I do on the same day as this that I am looking at, which I might use for something ELSE.” Steinberg couldn’t and shouldn’t have to guess that I might want to do that. But they CAN ‘leave the gate open’ so I can do that and lots of other things they cannot guess.

As the OP says … it is a very simple choice to add, but its benefit to us is great, as the entire wealth of our computer experience is given the gap through which to flow.

Yeah! That was almost scary like "Are they using mindreading AI algorithms??? :open_mouth: "
But it worked! You could just click around and everything made sense.
Digiwalk and Ableqoia will hate you for it, but can we have a bottle of that for Cubase 7, please?

Zenda, this is not personal to you when I say this;

"Intuititive and Seamless’ are the two biggest pieces of marketing bunk ever thrust upon mankind in regards to computer related hardware and software for which I lay victim to. Now I did rally to the situation after having been totally laid to waste and brought myself upto the point of it being "Intuititive and Seamless’, but this is total marketing smoke and mirrors which I and many other fell victim to as a result of not being informed as to where the relative starting point is…note; glad I survived as it turned out totally worth the effort.

Yes the pool is rather archaic and could do with a relative makeover.


It would make locating files that haven’t been copied to the project so much easier to find.