Simple init sounds

I have recently added Simple to my content because I use synths fairly rarely and the demon video looked like it would enable me to get my own sounds quickly when needed. I like it but on the video the guy started with init Simple sounds which I don’t seem to have or at least cannot find so I have to start with a preset sound and I’m always trying to simplify it and not getting what I’m really looking for. The install went fine. What am I missing? Am I being stupid? Wouldn’t be the first time!

When you browse Halion media bay you can choose to display multi, program or layer presets. Most of the time you probably want to browse programs but the init preset might be a layer preset. So you may find it if you switch the preset selector to display layer presets.

Thank you for your reply. I’m sure you are right but I don’t actually know how to use it properly. I went to the media bay on the main project page, clicked on Simple and saw a long list of sounds. I scrolled down and found some init sounds. I double-clicked on one and it opened a track in my project labelled with that sound. I was trying to get that track to play on track 12 in the Halion Sonic 3 I have already open and using 11 channels and failed. Then I realised that another sonic window had been opened and when I went there I am able to play the sound. Voila!

Is there not a way to open the sounds from that media bay (which I’ve never used before) into an alreday open Halion??

Yes, just drag a preset into any of the Halion Sonic program slots. Works with both Halion media bay and Cubase media bay.

Your messages have been very helpful to me. Thank you. The videos didn’t explain such a simple, basic thing. You did. I’ve never been afraid to ask a stupid question and this one has really paid off. I’ve used Cubase from its very beginning and Notator on Atari before that, but I’m a guitar guy and synths don’t play a central role most of the time. I record a lot of things from midi guitar though, but the preset sounds tend to take up too much airspace. I didn’t know about the media bay stuff because I never really needed to until now so thanks again.