Simple instrumental recording - ‘Dreadnought Em Chorus’

Oneway, You have a super interesting basis for an instrumental piece or a song that deserves to be a little more elaborate.

On the other hand, there seems to be a lead guitar which actually sounds more like background noise than a score that we want to put forward.

I like the mood of this one and there’s something cool about it. Put the time and rigor into it to make it a good piece.

Yeah, what Rene_L said, the piece has potential, needs a vocal.

I have a singing voice that no one would want to hear. LOL :grinning:

Thanks for the feedback.
It interesting how the volume levels of tracks can change when mixed to MP3. I have remixed the song several times and initially the lead guitar parts were too dominant. Posting it on here the lead parts are a bit in the background as you say. I’ve been recording for many years but only used Cubase for about a year so it’s been a learning curve to learn this DAW. Still much I have still got to learn.
I always record in 24 bit 48 kHz so had to mix down to 44.1 to get the file size small enough for this forum.

This is pretty simple, as you have it here. I do agree that it could become the basis for something with a bit more time. One suggestion I’d make is to play around a bit with the bass. Leave a little space here and there. That might make it breathe a little bit.
Good luck with it, and have fun!

Thanks for your feed back :+1:

I think everyone’s made good comments on this one. I might add, you don’t have to sing, I certainly never do, but you ought to have a melody, which you can pay on a guitar, or any instrument, really. Will look forward to your next version.