Simple Mono/Stereo question

I received some files for mixing and unfortunately the client sent me all the files in stereo (mono vocals, guitars, etc.)
My plan is to drag them onto mono-tracks and from there treat them like mono-sources, use mono-plugins etc.
Is there something wrong with that approach? I think I should expect a level-drop of 3dB, right?
Is there anything else I need to count with, except phase-issues which might get more noticeable (except for the case that it was really a mono source which they just rendered in stereo)?
I also would not care about file-size.
I am afraid I am not considering some important issue.

If the audio is a mono source represented by a stereo file then there will be no phase problem - it’s just a larger file size than it should be.

If it’s a stereo source, then you should treat it as such and use a stereo track. If for some reason you don’t want to, and want to use a mono track you’ll only have phase problems if it’s inherent in the recording - Its not a given you’ll have an issue.

I think you’re over thinking it.

I’d just stick them on Stereo Tracks and be done with it. It will work just as well as trying to convert them into ‘true’ mono Tracks - AND is much less work. There truly is no reason to convert to mono.

The reason I sometimes want to use mono tracks is when using external compression, EQ etc.

Thanks for your answers!

I am aware of any possible phase issues, but what I don’t know is how Cubase is treating a stereo-file which is pulled over on a mono-track.

I am asking all that because I want to use the Schoeps Mono Upmix plugin which is meant to be used for mono-files.

It could be that drag&drop to an mono track is all what’s needed for a stereo-file in that context, but maybe also not?

I wanted to be sure that it works that way.

The mono upmix plugin needs to be placed on a stereo track otherwise it wont doing anything.

Yes, that’s clear but check out the Schoeps tutorial for using the plugin. Yes, it’s used on a stereotrack, but they place a mono-file onto the stereo-track. Mono Upmix Plugin routing in Nuendo -