Simple panning of mono tracks

Hi. I’m brand new to Cubase and have started using the trial version of Elements 10. I want to record an xy-configuration from a stereo pair of condensers, so I assigned each to a mono in track and a stereo out track, and was hoping to pan one left and one right. However I can’t see a panning slider on the mono tracks. I’m sure I have seen videos where mono tracks have a slider. Am I doing something wring? How do I achieve this in Cubase Elements 10.

Any help appreciated

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What is your Output configuration? Mono or Stereo?

Most likely you are routing your mono Audio Channels to a mono Group Channel. You need to route it to a Stereo Group Channel to be able to pan it.

Hi. I believe I’m outputting both mono tracks to the left and right channels respectively of a stereo channel. The pan slider appears on the Stereo channel only.

Some screenshots showing track I/Os would help us to help you.

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Routing to left or right channel of a stereo bus directly, is outputting to a mono bus / channel. You must output to the stereo bus itself.

If your destination is mono, you can’t pan going into it because no panorama exists on the destination. The left (or right) side of a stereo buss is mono.

If you have a mono track routed to the left channel of a stereo bus then it is effectively hardwired panned all the way to the left.

Why not just assign the two mic inputs to one stereo track using stereo input? That’s what I do when recording a stereo pair. No panning necessary if you’re looking for that natural stereo image.

Regarding not being able to pan the mono input, it sounds like you might be looking at the actual mono input in the mixing console, which doesn’t have a pan option. The audio track (whatever you named it) should have the pan slider on it.

OK I see the light now. I was outputting directly to the mono track “members” of my stereo output track. As soon as I change to go to the Stereo track all is well. Thank you all for your help. At this stage in my development I am hitting all sorts of obstacles which can be frustating, but overcoming them and getting a result is fun. Thank you all for your help on this.

hi i think i have an easy solution please have a look at these pictures hope they help

you need to open up the mixer where you see all the faders, find your fader and look for single letters such as M (mute) S (solo) and you should see a c … drag the c left or right, hope this helps

reading the posts above would help as well
this was already answered and your answer is not helpful

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