Simple, Programmable Midi CC Fader hardware FOUND!

Hi guys. Wanted to share this with you
For those who are looking for a simple 3 fader, programmable midi CC controller I found this and ordered one.

I can’t believe that there is really nothing out there like this. I hope this helps.

Looks nice, but I think there’s a veritable explosion of small midi controllers happening out there


and many more

Yeah but this one doesn’t look like a holiday Fisher Price fun pack for a four year old!

there is this cool site that the user can build is own custom controller

Wow thanks! That’s very cool!

This fella in the UK makes some handy Controllers and affordable , i just wish for Motorized faders
USB &TRS MIDI Controller 8 Faders programmable CC#/Channel/Range DAW/ | eBay

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Filter…very nice. I wish I found this one first! Thanks for the post. There are more of these out there than I initially thought.
Thank you for your efforts.

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