Simple question: How can I How can I maximize/minimize the size of bars?

I did consult the help, but the shortcuts mentioned there didn’t help.

I think I have to change the “Rastralgröße” in “Seite einrichten” …

Please give me advice :wink:
Yours Peter

Hi Peter, can you share a screenshot of what you’ve got and describe what you would like to end up with?

Yes. I want to have this stuff on only one page…

Fab - here’s what I would suggest, feel free to take or leave -

  • Decrease the note spacing a bit, say to 3.5 down from 4. This is to try to get it to fit into 4 systems, aiming to make bars 7-12 into the second system, and 13-18 into the third.
  • You can also force music into those systems manually
  • You might want to decrease the gaps between staves a little too - particularly the grand staff-to-grand staff gap. This will lower the total amount of vertical space Dorico thinks it needs to fit on each page, and hopefully prompt Dorico to add a system from page 2 onto page 1.
  • Slightly decreasing the staff size if the above hasn’t got it onto one page might help too, but only a little probably
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If the pianist plays from the full score rather than from a separate part, you might also consider showing chord symbols only above the top part. That could save a little space between the keyboard and the solo instrument.