simple question: how to "consolidate" in WL?

Hi, its a really simple question:
I want to consolidate some clips in my montage without rendering: I had to change just two 3-4 seconds parts so I put these two clips on a second track below my song. Please look at the picture. The tracks in the whole montage have already a lot of FX I don’t want to render, I just want to create one new audiofile out of these clips, then I have to do some pan-normalization, then I want to work with Comp/EQ/Max. After checking manual and tips I can only find the way via “rendering”, but thats terrible long (almost real time - for what? Cause I deactivated all FX already and grouped the clips to a new track without FX anymore).
I am sure there’s a faster way to do that :slight_smile:

V. 7.2.1 on OSX 10.8.5
Bild 2014-05-30 um 17.28.41.png

So you want the three clips now making up three parts of what used to be one original clip and file, to become one file and thereby one clip again? You could select the three clips (all three highlighted) and render them to a new file; replace the three clips by the new file. There are more ways, but there’s no way around rendering whichever way you look at it IMO…

Thank you Arjan for your quick reply! As I just use the rendering to “consolidate” the clips to a new file without any FX - do I have to add a peakmaster (e.g.) in the main section ?