Simple question, simplest way to return to selection start?

OK, this seems like too much work so there must be an easier way. If I set up a passage in a song, say 8 bars of solo, and I want to go to the start of this 8 bar selection, but not cut the entire piece or use a marker, what is the quickest way to do this?

I can set that same solo section up as a loop by moving my song length markers above the project to this area, yet I can’t seem to find a quick way to move the cursor to this starting or end point. Am I missing something? When I drag and drop the cursor its not as accurate obviously. Thanks.

keypad ‘1’ - start
keypad ‘2’ - end

Thanks for the reply but this is not doing anything for me.

Bredo - Thanks, that is two things I never knew and I can use them both.

However this still does not do what I need. So let me explain this better.

  1. Take a 3 minute song clip
  2. Move the selection markers to the area you want to focus on with the 3 minute song.
  3. Now make the cursor move to the first selection marker. (This is what I want)

In the Transport window I can tell the cursor to pre-roll to the selection start, but this is not what I want it to do. This won’t work because I want the cursor to move to an area within the 3 minute clip. Maybe its not possible or I am trying to skip a step? It just seems to me that the cursor could find the selection markers. :confused:

  1. Now make the cursor move to the first selection marker. (This is what I want)

Stingray answered your question. Maybe he should’ve elaborated by saying: “Numerical Keypad section on the right”. Hit 1 and the cursor goes to the left Loop marker. Hit 2 and it goes to the right loop marker. It is a standard Cubase default behavior and has worked this way for years.

If there is an event there, and the event is selected (or you are planning on having it selected), assign a KC for Transport > locate selection. This will put the cursor at the beginning of that event. Alternately, there is Transport > To Left Locator. Assign a KC to this, and the cursor will automatically go to the bar where the left locator sits. This should be the same as stingray’s keypad ‘1’ - start

It can be, if you have snap set to on, and your grid type is set high enough. Of course, this has alot to do with the bpm.


Very cool, Stringray was correct, this is what I was looking for, but thank you Weasel for the explanation!! I appreciate all the help. :smiley:

Typically the only thing I use the number pad for is to engage the recording process via the asterisk. I guess I better investigate the number pad now for KCs - it never occurred to me that there was any magic there. Doh!

To Jeff, I typically run without the bar/grid engaged. It seems everything I need to edit or tweek is outside of this parameter.