Simple Question!!

All I want to do is insert 4 measures into an existing song so I can extend an interlude. I have looked through the various menus and must be missing something… Can anyone please smack me on the the head???

Sure, lean a little closer to the screen so I can reach. :mrgreen:

Set the Locators where you want to add the measures and then right-click-Range-Insert Time.

Thanks mashedmitten!!
Got it straight, but actually it’s not a right click in Cubase5, it’s under the “edit” tab and requires copy and paste.
Unless there’s something you didn’t tell me??? :astonished:
I still deserve the smack on the head for not figuring it out myself… I’ve only been using Cubase for… well, never mind!! :smiley:

Should have been Insert Silence. :blush: