Simple “Reverse” VST3 Plugin

I would like to build a simple “reverse” plugin supporting VST3.

The goal for the plugin would be to support offline processing (for example, Nuendo Direct Offline Processing) such that I could process a 5 second long audio clip and reverse the samples.

From looking at the VST3 API it is not clear if there is the ability to do an “analysis” type pass where you can process (and cache) the audio samples entirely before doing the official processing pass.

Does anyone have insight into this?


I think it should be possible by creating an instrument type plugin that does not have audio inputs, only outputs.

To read a file you can use the CNewFileSelector class in vstgui if using that. If it is a wavefil you are reading you need to decode the wavfile. There a many libraries out there you can use for that if you don’t want to do it yourself. After you have decoded the data you should be able to reverse audio sample buffers and just use that as your output in the process function.