Simple Routing Issue (Channels vs Tracks)

So under Devices > VST Connections > Inputs, I’ve setup inputs for all of my external hardware synths. Doing so automatically creates a channel in the mixer for each instrument of course. But should this channel not have an associated audio track? If I add a new Audio track and select that external synth as the Input Routing and press the monitor button, I can hear the synth play back, but with a chorusing effect (and a bit louder). What’s the proper way to associate a channel in the mixer with a audio track in the project area? Should be easy right?


If you play to the keyboard of the same synth, make sure, the Local Control is switched Off on the synth, please. Or do you send the MIDI data already from Cubase?

Thanks…so basically all I’m trying to do is record the audio signal of the synth to an audio track connected to that synth.

We need to know how you are playing the synths…from their own keyboard??

If yes maybe you are doubling the audio with direct monitor and by monitoring via Cubase (with short delay).

I’m using the keys of a Nektar Panorama P4 midi controller connected to a Dave Smith PRO 2 synth.

So the controller midi goes direct to the synth and not through the computer??