Simple Sampler with drag drop

It’s a shame/pitty/interesting/curiouse that such a simple thing is not done yet. Something like simpler from Ableton ( a bit of granular or even time stretch (if possible) would be a plus) but basic is enough: 1 sample, 1 output. Just don’t leave the sample start and loop on off, loop length, next sample file for the future. This should have been done since day 1. Steinberg leaves lot of people lacking interest on cubase just because of this, almost including my self.

When i say simple is because it should be oriented to hold a simple WAV, with the User interface oriented for this, which inevitably will be less CPU hungry. To be loaded like 15 to 30 instances per project. It’s a simple holder for a simple wav to sequenced via midi, without routings hassles when there is no need. It’s not to make a drum kit or to layer and make BIg instruments.

This is simple:

This is NOT simple:

Groove Agent SE 4 does that. Its workflow is obviously heavily optimized for working with percussion, drums and sfx samples, but if you need to use it for melodic instruments it works just fine. This is demonstrated in the full version of Groove Agent 4, where one of the presets is a multisampled glockenspiel with various velocity layers.

If you’re still using Cubase 7.5, make sure to download the latest GA SE 4 update here:

A lot of people are still asking for a sampler though, so I guess you could expect them to add a SE version of Halion 5/6 in Cubase Pro 9 or 9.5. It will probably have more or less the same functionality as Groove Agent SE 4, just optimized for use with melodic instruments.

I think if any users are worried about this, they could google free vst sampler…there are enough out there. Plus as already stated GA se is a fine sampler.

Try this for starters.

when i say simple, means something which doesn’t take much CPU resources, oriented for 1 sample. Thanks but It’s like recomending guitar rig when i just want a simple distortion.

Thank you anyway, but First you assume i am a starter which is wrong and that i never googled which is wrong. You will never achieve Drag and drop with external sampler and there aren’t good free or paid simple samplers around (nuance might be an exception but then no drag and drop) . The best simple samplers i see around are native one’s: like Studio One , ableton simplers or bitwig sampler to name a few, which are designed to be simple: 1 sample 1 output . I am sorry, So you think wrong about this.


Hey there!

There are simple sampler with drag n drop and granular possibilities - Padshop.

To just play wav sample once you need to tweak Speed to 0%, Number to 1, Duration to 1000 and press Loop off.

And to use your own samples you shoud update it to Full version that costs about 10$ i guess