Simple selection of staves/staff !?!?!

I want to select all the bass staff in the Piano stave, to distance them from the violin, without using the Layout Option: how can I do this?
In Sibelius, just click 3 times on the same staff. Is there a similar way in Dorico?
Thanks for the answers!

Hi PlayMusic, do you mean you want to manually increase the staff spacing? Assuming you use Dorico Pro, go to Engrave mode, select the staff spacing tool on the left, select the square handle on the left edge of the staff you want to move vertically, and use alt-up or alt-down to nudge the entire staff up or down. Add Control (Windows) or Command (Mac) to these keyboard commands to make slightly bigger adjustments.

If you want to select the entire staff (beginning to end), check out the EDIT menu which has a “select to end of flow” option.

You can’t make an adjustment to the staff spacing for a particular staff throughout the whole flow using the staff spacing tool in Engrave mode. Our expectation would be that if you need to make that change in every system, you should be changing the default gap in Layout Options. Can you say why that doesn’t work for you? Understanding your requirements is the first step towards providing a solution that fits the way Dorico is designed rather than the way you might expect it to work because you have experience of using another program.

Thanks for the answers.

Daniel It’s true. I use Sibelius mainly and am used to its workflow. However, the possibility of laying out an entire score, simply moving staves into a single page (Click + Shift Click on bar) or over the whole system (triple Click on staff), makes the workflow much faster and more visible instantly.

Is it possible that you add similar features in future releases?

It’s unlikely that we will add a feature to move a particular staff in all frames via the staff spacing tool in Engrave mode. But I am still interested to hear what your requirements are, so I can better understand why the tools that Dorico provides aren’t sufficient, if you have the time to write a bit more about what you’re trying to do.

Hi Daniel,
thanks for your patience!

Let me explain with a practical example on your demo file of Coldplay, attached.
If on the only first 3 staves, I wanted to lower the bass staff, how should I act?
Is there a way to select all 3 and move them at the same time?


In this case, go to Layout Options—Vertical Spacing—Ideal Gaps, and increase the space between braced staves.

It’s currently set to a default of 6, which I think is too small anyways. Try 7 1/2.

AC, you can go to Engrave mode, engage the staff spacing tool, and use Ctrl+click to select the square handle for the LH staff for each of the systems on which you want to move it, then either drag them with the mouse or use Alt+down arrow to increase the gaps for those selected staves.

Hi Daniel,
for me it’s impossible, because on my MacMini, Ctrl + Click activates the secondary Mouse click, with the contextual menu!
Please, see the screen video:


Cmd+click on Mac. In almost every case, if someone mentions Ctrl in conjunction with Dorico, they mean Ctrl on Windows and Cmd on Mac.

Yes, it works.
I’ll just have to get used to a new workflow!