Simple smooth editing in wavelab audio editor

Pretty novice question, apologies.

Im nearly always in the montage section for mastering, only moving to the editor for spectral repair. But I was working on a project recently where the spectral repair couldn’t repair a full spectrum glitch.

The part was repeated earlier in the track so I tried to copy and paste a small bit over the glitch but kept running into issues.

First it was that my copy and paste regions weren’t exactly the same length. I sort of figured that out, but then I was having issues when using the paste and crossfade option. It kept creating audible artifacts before / after (or both) around the paste section. I had to move to protools to get a clean insert, which is a clunky workflow.

I’m sure this exists somehow, but I haven’t found it in any YT tutorials or in the manual.
I’ve attached a picture which shows the artifact after the edit point.

Can anyone point me to a video or thread which could help me here?

Did you try modifying these parameters?

I hadn’t, but just did now and was getting the same issue. The smoothing window is in the spectrum tab- do those settings affect the edit > ‘paste and crossfade’ function as well? I tried both inside and outside options, and varying time and frequency amount and i keep seeing that artifact ripple.

This only affect the copy/paste in the spectrum editor. I thought this is what you were doing, seeing your screen shot. I recommend you to use the spectrum editor for this kind of micro-edits. Even if you need to copy the whole frequency band.

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Thank you PG, thats solved it. For complete replacements I was using the edit tab functions when the spectral menu is where I should have been. I can even put smoothing to zero and not get those ripples I was experiencing. You just saved me hours of work, much apprecitaed!


WL Spectrum Editor is way more powerful and sophisticated than it is given credit for.

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