Simple Tempo Change

I upgraded my Cubase Elements to v6.0.7 today and im having some trouble with changing the tempo of a project.

I have a project in wich a recorded without setting the BPM first, i ussually do that later.
The problem is when i make a tempo change the audio events recorded try to ‘follow’ the new BPM and end up all out of place.
How can i change the BPM and have everything stay in place? I remember in older versions of Cubase each track had a button that could enable/disable the follow BPM mode but i cant find it, help please?

It’s the button that looks like a tiny clock. It needs to be clicked to become a yellow quarter note.

Yes exactly. The problem is i cant find it! Its driving me crazy, something so simple, but where is it??? :angry:


It’s hiding :laughing:

Don’t have Elements, can’t say much except to look in the track inspector.

Cant find anything related to tempo in inspector either. A mean, if C6 Elements doesent have something as simple as this im angry to the point of wanting my money back, GRRR :imp:

Found this, whever it means?

Realtime time-stretching and pitch-shifting (playback only)

Well… it means what it says. Cubase as any other DAW has thease capabilities.

Time-stretch audio means changing the length without changing the pitch.
Pitch-Shift audio means change the pitch without changing the length.

Anyway, this is not what im looking for, i just want to change tempo and have the audio events stay in the same place.

Sorry I mentioned it!!!

same place has many connotations.

  1. Stay at the same time position (if it is at 2:30, keep it at 2:30 even if the song gets longer or shorter)
  2. Stay at the same bar position (if it is at bar, have it remain at bar
  3. Stay at the same beat position (if it is at beat 22, make sure it is still at beat 22 even if I shorten the song)
  4. Stay at the same sample … same timecode etc…

Now add another version of that for changing signature.

In other words, stay in the same place is relative.

Not sure if elements has that option …

right mouse click on the track and go to the track configuration window. Maybe it just needs to be added back to the audio track default.

I think the only question here is whether you can switch tracks between musical mode or to time linear mode in Cubase Elements 6.

if you make that the subject a mod might see it.

True, i meant same time position. Any other position type will ‘move’ the events in time-length so they ‘sync’ to new tempo and this is exactly what i want to turn off. As you can see in the picture i post in a earlier reply i have check the Track Configuration Window and the button is not there, i guess C6 Elements just does not have it.

This basically means that if you make a mistake when setting the BPM before start to recording you can never EVER change/correct it again… witch is absolutely ridiculous. I can work around by exporting all tracks, then create a new project with the correct BPM e import them, but since C6 Elements does not allow me to export all tracks at once this procedure takes a long time.

I already regret spending the money i did in Cubase E6, i know this is a slim-down version but this is pretty basic stuff… I have to buy a 600$ version to have such a simple thing? For more 70$ of the price i paid for C6 Elements i could have bought Logic Pro FULL Featured in the app store… Im so pissed right now… My choices are wait for Cubase artist 7 to come out and spend 170€ to upgrade to it (and be paying for a bunch of plug-ins i wont use) Or just move to Logic Pro wich is the same price… :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

Hey. I didnt mean to be rude.

Reading the manual is cheating (thinkingcap :laughing: )

I´m a smartass, I know…
According to the manual, E6 has musical mode, but:

“Musical mode” is for audio files and is set in the pool for the single files.

Tracks can be set to “musical / linear timebase”, which is not the same as musical mode.

You can make an audio file follow the tempo project, though keeping the track in linear timebase (without setting it to musical timebase), simply by having it set to musical mode in the pool. so, you (the OP) should (probably) simply open the pool and take the files out of musical mode, if you dont want them to follow the tempo changes.

Learning from own mistakes is not…

I knew I was taking a chance writing replies without having the Cubase manual in front of me!

Unless I´m misunderstanding you, that is of course not true…


Whatever you do, with both options you´ll have to learn how to use it correctly…

Thinkcap you’re kind of of confused about what i want to do.
By turning off musical mode when i change BPM everything just gets time-stretched.

I have a project with the wrong BPM, and i want to set it to the correct one without cubase trying to ‘put things in time’ either by time stretch or relocating events in time-lenght.