Simple, tweakable SL8 de-noising workflow

Hi there,
Is there a good workflow to do some quick and easy noise reduction that’s still tweakable like iZotope’s Spectral De-noise (which I’m trying to move away from) both within standalone SL8, but also with the ARA within Nuendo?

Looking for something that works well with 8-channel .wavs.

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SpectraLayers equivalent is Process > Noise Reduction. Works in a similar way.

Speaking as an SL7 user, SL7 NR is much easier to use than iZotope RX NR. I use SL7 in ARA mode in Reaper, and in standalone mode. It seems to me SL7 is just generally more DAW-friendly than RX is.

Maybe I’m missing something, again I’m just starting out with SL 8.
I’m seeing Tolerance and Reduction ratio, which are good,
but I’m looking for slightly more depth.
Something equivalent to the split Noisy/Tonal reduction sliders and the smoothing and enhancement sliders.
They really come in handy.

Would I go about something like that by first creating different layers in SL 8 and then blending them?

Sadly I very much have to agree.
RX Connect is very flakey and I run into many issues with the iZotope plugins GUIs only half showing up.

Really happy how nicely SpectraLayers integrates.

I saw a comment from an engineer on Gearslutz that Izotope had gained a rep for being sloppy with its plug-in protocols, though he was talking about VST specifically. It kind of mirrored problems I was having with RX. I thought a big-name outfit like Izotope should have been ahead of the curve on stuff like that, but it wasn’t, I guess.

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