Simple UI Divider Line

How about the ability to add a simple divider line (not a track type) in the edit window to delineate groups of tracks? I’ve been using a folder track to serve as a divider in the track listing, but it often gets overlooked when I’m scrolling through large sessions because I can’t delineate that folder track across the entire timeline. It would be very helpful to have some sort of visual element that’s different than how tracks are displayed. Pro Tools has something like this in that when you create a track folder, divider lines appear in the edit timeline to specify the boundaries of the folder. It’s immensely helpful when scrolling through large sessions. Simplest-case, just the ability to continue a folder’s color across the timeline would do the trick.

The marker track is perfect for this.

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Cool! Never thought of that. I’ll give it a go. Thank you!

First, I want to say thanks again for your idea! It definitely addresses the issue in an easy way and is a quick workaround. I appreciate that and it’s cool that you thought of that right away.

But I think I’m still going to put the divider idea back in the pool of possible additions to Cubase for three reasons. 1: Amassing dozens of cycle markers in a project just to make dividers gets cumbersome, 2: Having to turn off numbering for ALL markers if you don’t want numbers on dividers is problematic and, 3: It’s just not visually “refined.” The divider should be a completely blank, non-track-type element that can be colored, labeled (if desired), and not be affected by resizing or zooming. For some real visual flair, maybe give the borders of the divider a small bit of shading so they pop out as a subtle 3D element and clarify the division.