Simple Way featuring Wim on Sax

I posted this a long time ago but finally got around to finishing it, I added guitarist friend and musical partner Denny Jiosa to it. He didn’t play to much but I think it added the final SIMPLE touches.

Wim do you remember playing on this tune I wrote as tribute to the great Dave Brubeck? Love the contribution you made here!
Hopeful the mix is okay lol please share anything you hear

Bass sounds awesome in this track, not sure the track needs the high pitched pad/organ? or whatever it is that eminates from the right speaker, it just becomes annoying or maybe it’s just too loud…
otherwise it’s your usual very high standard and thanks for sharing…Kevin

Hi Kenny,

awesome sound! And so much detail - great mix.
Although it’s not my favourite music style - well done!


Still like this one a lot. Guitarist sounds like he’s worried about somebody hearing him. Sax is fabulous. Very nice.

excellent stuff , conjures very dark images.very good programing and great sax and nice snippets from the geetar

Kevin Thanks! I agree the synth really isn’t needed so got rid of the high synth part until last few notes on outro. It also helps the guitar come out a little more as they were both in same register.
Hopeful this is a little better

Nice playing and great piano sound , has a real 'club’feel the way it’s mixed.
Trilian is well played and the sax sounds good.
Nice work guys :smiley:

+1 :sunglasses:

Great sounding stuff as always!

I’m not a fan of the ride cymbal sample used, but that’s personal preference.

I sure do! I enjoyed playing on this song, as I did on the others. :sunglasses:

I like Denny’s playing, but I think it might be a tad louder.


An emotional tune as per usual and quite relaxing in a bit of a melancholic way. Definitely a city at night kinda tune I think. The fast flurry of notes on the sax sound great; same for the piano too though. I did find the ride or whatever it is a touch too intrusive but other than that not much else to comment on, great stuff. My non-musical friend that likes jazz enjoyed it too and said he could listen to this stuff for hours.