Simple way to install the UR824 without the extensions?

I am considering trying to use a UR824 again. Is there a simple step by step way to install it without the extensions? My previous unit would just try to reinstall them every time I clicked the icon.

I only want the Yamaha/Steinberg mixer software. I don’t know why they don’t have a simple way to do this. The stock mixer is very fast for live tracking of a band and headphone mixes.

Also, is there any support? I sold my UR824 4 months ago because it would not work at all after a driver/firmware update and there seemed to be absolutely no email or phone support in the US. In comparison, Focusrite have an email and phone number that can be reached in minutes in my experience. They unfortunately do not make a unit with 24 inputs.

The UR is very unique in that it can do 24 inputs through USB and sounds great. It is more expensive than the Focusrite and Presonus units, so I don’t understand why they have the worst USA support of the 3. This may turn into another discontinued Steinberg product with this type of approach, even though it is the best interface out there.

It is apparently not returnable either now. That makes me nervous to buy one and find out it will not connect to my computer like the last time.

Peter Warren

Hi Peter,

What do you mean exactly by ‘extensions’’? Is this something connected to Mac architecture/filesystems?

I have no experience of the UR824 on a Mac, but they have been working without a problem on my WIndows desktop and laptop.


Sorry,it is the software to work inside Cubase. I am on windows 7. I like the ur mixer and don’t like the Cubase studio version.
Do you have a UR824?

Yes, I have 2x UR824s and they work without problems on my Windows 7 desktop and Windows 8.1 laptop. I use them with Cubase but the dspMixFX software looks useful.