Simple way to move external sample to the Audio folder?

When I drag in a sample from a Windows folder Cubase asks me if I want to copy it to the Project Audio Folder. I clicked “No” by mistake and I see in the Pool Window that this sample is referred to its original location. Is there an easy way to have Cubase:

  1. make a copy of the wav file
  2. put the copy in the Project Audio Folder
  3. change the reference in the project to the new copy
  4. remove the old reference in the Pool Window

I basically want to replace it with a new copy.


If you remove (or rename) the old file from the system, Cubase will not find it during the next project opening. So Cubase will ask you to search for the file. Point to the new one. Then move (or rename) your original file back (if you need it at the original position too).

You could go to the Pool and try Prepare archive.

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