Simple way to record Midi Plug ins onto a track?

I was trying to record the output of Apache , no, while I’m playing live , but from notes/chords that are already played , couldn’t work out for the life of me did some googling. I found this video from two years ago I do have scaler and it did work but do we still need to do this in Cubase 13 ? or am I just missing something here

I tried to figure out why the guy in the video (who is usually very helpful and insightful) would take such a complicated way to record the output of the Arpache.

Usually you have a track with the chord on it. You insert Arpache and adjust the settings. Select the part, go to MIDI menu → Freeze MIDI Modifiers. That’s it. No need to create 3 tracks, no need to use Scaler.

I can imagine Scaler is used to play every scale as if it were C Major (white keys only).

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Perfect! Thx so much