Simple way to save multiple regions as seperate audio files?

Hi All,

I’m new to Wavelab. although not to studio recording - I have been using Apple’s Waveburner for many years. But that is very different, so please bear with me if this has a really straightforward answer.

I have a few field recordings which are all a couple of hours long. I have gone through the first one and placed region markers at the beginning and end of about 30 sections of the recording that I want to keep and work with - these vary in length from 8 to 60 seconds. The rest of the recording can be discarded.

Is there a simple way that I can now save each of the regions that I want to keep as individual new audio files?

The Help function hasn’t been very helpful in this and I’m getting a bit frustrated :cry:

Yes, select this option from the render dalog of the master section.

Which option is that, please?

(I have now found the Autosplit function - will that do what I need?)